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From my experience from coming here, I would suggest for anyone that is out there using today to come in and give life another chance. What I have accomplished in two weeks has been amazing. Yes I have been clean for 15 years, but there is still a lot to learn by doing so. I think you will have a better life and accomplish goals you could not imagine.

This is a great program for substance abuse. It is not punishment at all, it's more like life dessert. You need it, come in, everybody is helpful. There is no judgement. I am graduating but I don't want to leave. I want to stay in the class. With the help of the staff and Dr. Pavelock I am going to make it!

Coming here has turned my life around for the best! I came here over a year ago trying to get off of heroin and the staff has been amazing in helping me through this process. Before I hit a year mark, I was already weaning down off of Suboxone and getting my life back on track. My life is better now than it ever has been! I can't say enough about how amazing my journey has been by coming to Evans-Blount Total Access Care.

Since starting to get care from the Evans Blount Team, Louis has been able to focus and succeed in school. He was recently placed in AG Math and received a 117 IQ. Without the medication....the correct medication, I do not feel like he would have been able to get this far. If you feel like medicine is not the right answer, give it a try because its amazing what the right dose of medication can do.

Love Dr, Pavelock !! Everyone in the office is super nice and professional . I totally recommend their services, it helped me get through nursing school.

Before I started to take adderall I was very impulsive and all around the place. When I started taking it, it helped me to focus more on my work and the tasks at hand. It made my impulsivity much better.Williams mother mentioned a few words:The black community is very adamant about not having their children placed on medicine. Before William started ADHD medicine, I had little education on it. My son was getting in trouble all the time, so I finally decided we would start with a low dose. It is trial and error. You have to be patient with the doctor in order to find the right ADHD medication for your child. Thank you Dr. Pavelock for finding the right solution for my child.

I came in as a substance abuser. I have been going to this doctors office for 8 months. This was a blessing from god.  The doctor and all of the staff helped me get through it all. They were very supportive and understanding, I have been clean for 8 months, I will recommend this office to anybody. If I can do it I know anyone can. Its not the end.

by Angela Franklin on Evans Blount Total Access Care

If your looking for a great doctor, come visit Dr. Pavelock at Evans Blount Total Access Care. I am so happy I found him. He has saved my life. I had a lot of problems with my nerves that he fixed. I could not go a day without a pain pill and he fixed that, and he also is a wonderful caring medical Dr. who got my health better than it has been in years.

Thank God and Dr. Pavelock for all of the hard work he does for his patients to keep them clean and off drugs. I am a living testimony that I was once sixty pounds and now I am up to 170 pounds. By going to the groups and listening and turning away all of the bad people that were on drugs...changing my phone numbers...telling them they could not come back to my house....some of the things that turned my life around. I love Dr. Pavelock because I am no longer using going two years clean and doing great! I don't have to wake up in the morning hurting...waiting to get the next fix. I get up in the morning and I pray and take my medicine and live life like life it is supposed to be lived! My kids are very proud of me and Dr. Pavelock! Thank you!

by Martin Thomas on Evans Blount Total Access Care
Thank God for this place!

I have been a patient of this clinic and of Dr. Pavelocks for a year. In the period of time I have been receiving suboxone treatment, my life has been restored. The in-house doctor has been very attentive to my medical needs and understanding of the problems that brought me. No matter the issue I presented to the nursing staff, as well as the clinicians, they were there to treat it. I came in on my last leg and in desperate need of help; I didn't know where to start. Starting on the medication enabled me to remove the constant need to get high or find ways and means to get high. With that factor being out of the equation, I have been able to focus on rebuilding my life and restoring relationships with my family. Thank God for Evans-Blount and thank God for suboxone. This place helped save my life.

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