Substance Use Services

Suboxone– A treatment in which prescription medications are used to help suppress withdrawal symptoms and decrease cravings, along with counseling and other support. One type of medication-assisted treatment is SUBOXONE Film, with counseling and psychosocial support. Together with a doctor who is qualified to treat opioid dependence, SUBOXONE Film may help you—or someone you care about—manage opioid dependence.

Substance Use Counseling- Individual or Group Outpatient Therapy with an LCAS or LCAS-A, intended to support individuals on the journey of recovery and toward health and wellness.

SAIOP- an intensive substance abuse outpatient treatment program providing comprehensive support to people in early recovery for approximately 12-16 weeks . Clients receive 9 hours of group treatment a week, plus individual counseling, case management and couples/family counseling as needed.

GAIN Assessments- The Global Appraisal of Individual Needs (GAIN) originated in 1993 as a collaborative effort between clinicians, researchers, and policymakers to create a comprehensive and standardized bio-psychosocial assessment tool. Dr. Michael Dennis, Senior Research Psychologist and Director of the GAIN Coordinating Center, led this project through the development of the GAIN Initial (GAIN-I). His goal was to bridge the gap between clinical research and the growing movement toward evidence-based practice.

The Seven Challenges- In 1991, Dr. Schwebel began developing what soon became known as The Seven Challenges, while he was counseling adolescents in a residential treatment center and an intensive outpatient setting. From the beginning, Dr. Schwebel firmly believed that a substance abuse counseling program for adolescents must be developmentally appropriate; based upon psychological research and science; and holistic – that is, addressing substance abuse issues as well as co-occurring problems and life skills deficits.

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Primary Care


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Mental Health Services

Comprehensive Clinical Assessment (CCA)-  This is the portal of entry...

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Evidence Based Practices

Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TFCBT)- is a conjoint ch...

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Substance Use Services

Suboxone– A treatment in which prescription medications are use...

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Intellectual & Developmental Disability Services

Sequential Care-     Residential Services Complex Clinical Needs...

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Whole Person Care

People with mental and substance use disorders may die decades earlier...

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We are known for “getting to the root of the problem” by offering an array of mental health services that foster a system of care which therapeutically reduces psychiatric / addiction symptoms.